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Creative coach for big minds and entrepreneurs

Marketer, analysist

I believe that beauty and kindness will save the world and awareness of the mind health is the key.



St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance

2003, fall

Georg Simon Fachhochschuele, Nuernberg


St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance



Psychology courses for selfmaking and people's needs understanding

Fashion, 2012-2023

Pshychologist-consultant, 2023-2024

Marketing Management Faculty

Marketing Communication

Real Estate Evaluation

Market Analysis

System-vector psychology (2012)

Thetahealing (2016, 2018)

Music therapy (2018)

Aura Soma

Access Bars

Metaphoric cards

Emotional Image Therapy (N. Linde)

RPT (Rapid personal transformation)


Neurographics, Institute of Psychology of Art

Fashion Stylist, 2012

Makeup artist, 2013

Visual Merchandising, Scuola Italiana di Moda e Stile, 2022

Fashion Illustration, Hudozhnik Online, 2022

“Psychologist-consultant with additional specialization in the field of psychosomatics and bodily psychotherapy” with the qualification “Psychologist-consultant” (2000 hours)

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