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is about Future

My coaching practice has grown naturally since my childhood. My classmates, my friends and even my mother used to talk to me in that way to get the opportunity to be heard. The range of the requests was not wide: relationships with parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, first love and dreams about the future - but there were sincere inquiries about what the person is worried about.

Positive changes in people's lives both pleased and inspired me. 

After school, I thought about medical education or becoming a music teacher, but I still chose marketing - a creative profession where there is space for self-expression. But in my first year at university, I was again fascinated by psychology, in particular music psychology.

I became interested in neuro-linguistic programming and tried different methods in my life. 

I loved seeing how a change in thinking affected reality.

Sometimes I allowed negative thoughts; they were more automatic than conscious; working with them required new tools and approaches.

While attending various courses, I heard from teachers that I have an instinct and notice important details that sometimes elude the speaker himself.

In addition to actual thinking, I am also fascinated by changes associated with creation: writing, music, dance, handcrafting, drawing, singing, video-making, etc.

Influence through art manifests itself through both passive and active participation. For example, you can perform music, or you can attend a concert.

I am convinced that a person's hidden reserves are limitless. 

And to free yourself from the “worthless” reality, it is enough to answer the correctly posed question.

The intention of a person to change his life and change himself in cooperation with a coach who notices blind spots is the key.

Liberation from illusory shackles is the ability to no longer submit to stories that weigh you down with your burden, sometimes with someone else’s burden.

A coach is not a consultant or advisor, but a person who listens carefully to notice inconsistencies and internal conflicts.

In my opinion, the popularity of coaching is about people's awareness of the opportunities they have suppressed by their circumstances, which they want to bring to the surface and realize in the best way.

My request was about internal tension. I feel comfortable communicating with Olga the way it is, sincerely and openly. And I am not ashamed to admit my vulnerable state or experiences that cause feelings of guilt, for example.


We have a good understanding and the sessions are more like a friendly conversation.


I studied many techniques and directions, it helps me a lot to notice resistance or insights in myself. After the sessions, the mood is always on the rise and we give time for events to unfold themselves, without unnecessary stress and high expectations.


The results are visible only later when you look around and suddenly realize that this is it! I am very grateful that I have such a unique specialist in my life with whom I can discuss any emerging issue or urgent request!


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